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Con sensore wireless a canale singolo per termometro igrometro

(29 recensioni dei clienti)


ECOWITT Sensore, con sensore wireless a canale singolo per termometro igrometro, misuratore di temperatura-umidità per esterni con display LCD, monitoraggio app remoto WN32  Giardino e giardinaggio.


Tipo display LCD
Sorgente di alimentazione A batteria
Colore Outdoor Thermo-Hygro Sensor
Dimensioni articolo: LxPxA 42 x 18 x 122 mm

Informazioni su questo articolo

Sensore wireless a per termometro igrometro

  • Igrometro termometro esterno: misura la temperatura e l’umidità esterne con display digitale [solo accessorio, non può essere utilizzato da solo]
  •  Sensore wireless a per termometro igrometro ,Dati in tempo reale su APP gratuita: funziona con gateway WIFI GW1100 (venduto separatamente); Dopo la configurazione WIFI, i dati di temperatura e umidità esterni in tempo reale possono essere visualizzati direttamente sull’app WS View; [Nota:] Un GW1100 può accettare solo un sensore WN32
  • Lungo raggio di trasmissione: i dati del sensore vengono trasmessi ogni 64 secondi utilizzando un segnale wireless a 868 MHz fino a un raggio di 300 piedi (100 metri)
  • Monitoraggio remoto: supporta i caricamenti su WU/WeatherCloud/WOW. Il grafico della cronologia dell’ID stazione WU può essere visualizzato sul dashboard WU sull’app WS View.
  • Facile da installare: design montabile a parete o sospeso; richiede una batteria 2AA (non inclusa)
  • Il sensore esterno WN32 sovrascrive i valori di temperatura e umidità dei sensori esterni a L profonda WS69, 67, 80 e 90, poiché questo sensore ha la massima priorità rispetto ai sensori di temperatura e umidità degli altri array di sensori. il WN32 può utilizzarne solo uno nel sistema meteo Ecowitt
Dimensioni prodotto

‎4.2 x 1.8 x 12.2 cm; 70 grammi

Numero di parti

‎WH32A- UK

Tipo di sorgente di alimentazione

‎A batteria



29 recensioni per Con sensore wireless a canale singolo per termometro igrometro

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  1. Solar recharging works, reliable

    I put 4 NiMH batteries in it, and put it outside, on a beam under a deck, so it is exposed to the air and somewhat but not entirely shielded from rain. I had to screw it to the beam to keep it from blowing off, and it did survive a few falls from just over 2m. I haven’t touched it for over a year, meaning not changing the batteries, and it’s still sending reports. The battery report is 4/5, which I interpret as 1.2V, and rechargeable batteries are like that. I’m receiving the data with rtl_433, not the ecowitt gateway.As for accuracy, I can’t really tell, but the readings make sense; it goes up when I can smell smoke from a nearby woodstove, and when there was wildfire smoke perhaps last summer (so bad that smoke alarms where going off in town). The only problem is that I see elevated readings overnight just before dawn when the humidity is super high, and I suspect that’s falsing from incipient dew vs particulates.So overall, while not a lab-grade instrument (an unreasonable request for this price), it does what it says on the tin, and it’s worked for over a year, where works means not only reporting PM2.5 but keeping the batteries charged.

  2. Nor friendly app, not accurate.

    I guess this is not a home device and more to be used by weather professionals. Complicated to set up, and only worked with the house wifi but not when I was away. I guess I didnt configured the gateway or something, but the set up is definitely not for a person w/out network programming skills…not friendly. Also not accurate compared with 2 or 3 thermometers I had in the same room.

  3. Unbeatable for the price

    I’m using this to monitor the temperature and humidity in my rooms. I have a central heating system and it’s sometimes difficult to have even temperature in every rooms.How it works is very simple.1) The gateway gets its energy from an USB charger (not included, but you probably have an old charger laying around)2) Once plugged in you can connect to it through the WS View app through your Wi-Fi.3) Put 2 AA (not included) into the sensor and select 1 of the 8 available channels (dip switches)4) The Gateway will find any sensor that you turned on automatically. The sensors communicate with the gateway through 900Mhz (good reach, better than Wi-Fi)5) The sensors send their data every 1 to 5 minutes (configurable) to the gateway.6) The gateway will then send this data to a configured website (the free for example)You can configure an account (free) to monitor your sensors. This is how you can access your data remotely. You cannot use the WS View app while outside of your home network.You can also configure any custom website to gather the data. This means you don’t need to rely on any cloud service if you don’t want to. But this setup is not necessarily easy for an average user.Plus:- Reliable sensors (temperature and humidity were spot on, I have 5 of them)- Use cheap AA batteries which last a long time (many months)- Simple setup once the gateway is up and running- Nice graphs and exports (csv) available for collected data- Great value. Cannot find any cheaper for the quality.- Not limited to temp/humidity sensors. Can use CO2, air quality, etc sensorsMinus:- App not easy to use or navigate. Not useable outside of home network.- No integrations available (although sending data to a custom website could probably be used)- The sensors could look better (they will not win any design awards)- Hard coded 8 channels (for temperature/humidity) may be a lot but this will be limited in some applications.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  4. Easily accessible information

    Living in Texas with excessive heat and dryness this has proven to be so helpful to judge the watering needs of our garden. Particularly useful for monitoring areas where it is impractical to use a manual tester. Easy to set up with infrequent battery changes despite the frequency of recording. This has paid for itself many times over.

  5. Temperatur/Hygo Sensor

    Sieht genauso aus wie der Sensor, der bei der Ecowitt Station mitkam, nur hat er die Einstell-DIP-Switches, wo man den Kanal einstellen kann. Ich habe den Sensor im Nachbargebäude hingestellt und die Verbindung ist auf Anhieb zustande gekommen. Läuft nun schon einige Wochen ohne probleme. Da kann man sich kaum mehr wünschen.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

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